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Forage Harvesting

We offer a complete range of silage making including grass, maize and whole crop.
With our years of experience we can tailor our services and machinery to meet the needs of individual farms and variable conditions.
You may require individual operations with specialist farm machinery to a complete silage service.


Mowing triple sets of mowers covering 8 metres adding if needed: groupers conditioners spreaders or swathers

Tedding 8 metre tedder to give extra wilting if required to reach desired dry matter

Raking Rows from 6 metres to 13.5 metres to improve efficiency

Foraging 600hp self propelled forage harvester with variable chop length and additive application

Trailers six 16 ton trailers with floatation typres to ensure the operation continues with minimal damage to fields.


Drilling 8 row maize drill with micro fertilizer applicator

Harvesting 8 row kemper header on our 600hp self propelled forage harvester with varaible chop, heavy duty corn cracker and additive application

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