Burnell Contracting
Foxholes Farm
London Road
Herts. SG13 7NT

07831 126304


Burnell Contracting offer a complete service

  • mowing
  • tedding
  • raking
  • baling
  • wrapping
  • transportation
  • stacking

For Hay, Silage, and Haylage using two square size balers 90cm x 80cm and 90cm x 120cms.

  • length of bales from 4 - 6ft ( to be wrapped), or 8ft if not
  • Small baler can be fitted with chopper
  • Silage/Hay additive appplicators when required
  • moisture meters to ensure correct dry matter for Haylage and Hay

We are able to use our 2 square size balers for grass and straw, contact us to discuss your requirements.

When wrapping we use our McHale 998 to ensure fast, efficient, and effective work achieving 8 layers in the field or at the stack.
Plastic can be supplied. Transportation and stacking using bale handlers and our flat trailers